The Mimi & Iffy comic strip follows the everyday haps and mishaps of a Baby Boomer couple in retirement. Mimi is the loving, patient wife. Iffy is always looking for a better way, but usually just makes things worse. Mimi & Iffy is humor for senior adults, but younger people are not prohibited from laughing too. 😉
Robert Burton Robinson - writer and illustrator of Mimi & Iffy comics

Hi! I’m Robert Burton Robinson, the writer and illustrator of the Mimi & Iffy comic strip.

In the 1980’s, I wrote musicals with dramatic scenes for senior adults. A few years later, I wrote a screen play, inspired by the characters from The Golden Girls TV show, and entered it in national writing contest. I was a finalist. Yay! But after that I wrote nothing for years.

In 2006, I began writing a story on my website, realtime, posting each chapter as I wrote it. When the story was finished, I had completed my first novel: Bicycle Shop Murder. Eventually, I wrote ten more suspense and mystery novels. You can find them here.

In early 2019, I decided to try my hand at being a cartoonist. I had been intrigued with the idea since I was a kid. I did a lot of reading about it, and I experimented with drawing various characters, using vector graphics software--which is the only way I can draw anything recognizable. 

Finally, I was pleased with my characters. Then I tried various formats. One was a long form. Dozens of panels. Then I tried putting the entire little story in one panel. I switched to four to eight panels in a slideshow, and posted the comics on Instagram. No.

Then I changed to my current format: 4-panel, 2 x 2, and posted them on Facebook. That's when it began to take off.


My formal training is in music and computer science. I have bachelor's degrees in both fields.

Before completing my first degree at age 29, I worked as an electrician, did data entry for the postal service, drove a milk truck and a school bus, worked in retail, and many other jobs.

I was a church music director for nine years full-time, and nine years part-time. I composed eleven choral musicals, seven of which were published.

Here's one of my original orchestral pieces. For more, go here: https://soundcloud.com/robert-burton-robinson


After going back to college for my computer science degree, I was a software engineer for a NASA contractor for fourteen years, writing software for Mission Control Center in Houston.