Walking Free

Comic Transcript

Panel 1
Mimi is looking down at the living room carpet in dismay.
She says: Iffy, why is the carpet all matted down in a path around the living room furniture? I go visit my sister for a few days and you ruin my carpet?
Iffy, off camera, says: It’s not ruined. The vacuum cleaner will fluff it right back up.

Panel 2
Mimi is facing Iffy. She is frowning. He is grinning.
She says: What have you been doing in here?
He says: Walking. I went five miles yesterday. I track my steps with a free phone app.
She says: Why can’t you walk outside?
He says: It’s too hot. And I don’t wanna pay to go to the gym.

Panel 3
Closeup of Mimi looking down at the carpet.
She says: I see. You stay cool and it’s free.
Iffy says: Right.
She says: Honestly, I’ve never really liked this carpet.

Panel 4
Mimi is facing forward. Iffy is standing a few feet behind her.
She smiles and says: So, go ahead and ruin it.
He’s shocked and confused. He says: Wait. What?
She says: But, after we get our new carpet, you’ll have to go outside to do your walking.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson