The System

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Mimi is calling out to Iffy, who is in the other room.
Mimi says: Are you about ready to go, Iffy?
Iffy says: Yeah, almost. I’m letting my system work.
Mimi says: What system?

Panel 2:
Closeup of Iffy, calling out to Mimi.
Iffy says: It’s great, Mimi! I don’t even have to think about getting ready in the morning. Instead, I think about interesting things—like what’s going on in entertainment or politics.

Panel 3:
Closeup of Iffy, still calling out to Mimi in the other room.
Iffy points to his head and says: I’ve trained my subconscious to handle my entire morning routine. It knows exactly what to do and when. Step 1: brush teeth. Step 2: wash face, and so on. My subconscious automatically follows the steps and gets it all done.

Panel 4:
Iffy walks into the room where Mimi is. He is wearing a shirt, undershorts, one sock, and one shoe.
Iffy says: I’m ready!
Mimi says: Uh…I think your subconscious missed a couple of steps.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson