The Cherry on Top

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Iffy walks into the house.
He calls out to Mimi: I’m back with the milkshakes.
Mimi calls back to him: What took you so long?
Iffy says: They forgot the whipped cream.
Mimi says: I hope you circled around and went back through.

Panel 2:
Iffy calls out to her: You bet I did! I wasn’t gonna let them get away with it!
But after that, I realized they forgot the cherry. And I know how much you love the cherry on top.

Panel 3:
Mimi is still in another room.
Iffy calls out: So, I drove through again, and I insisted that they put, not one—but two—cherries on top of each shake—just for my trouble.
Mimi says: Good job, Honey!

Panel 4:
Iffy and Mimi are looking down, studying the milkshakes. They are both frowning.
Mimi says: But…I don’t see any cherries or whipped cream.
Iffy says: Yeah…the shakes melted while I was merry-go-rounding in the stupid drive-thru, and the toppings must have sunk to the bottom.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson