Sugar Shock

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Mimi and Iffy are sitting on the couch.
Mimi says: When I go out later, I’m gonna buy candy for our Halloween party. Any requests?
Iffy says: It’s for the kids.

Panel 2
Mimi and Iffy are still on the couch, facing each other.
Mimi laughs and says: Sure, but we might eat a little of it.
Iffy grins and says: You know my favorite: candy corn. But I can’t eat much of it. All that sugar turns me into a zombie.
Mimi says: But a zombie might be just what we need for Halloween.

Panel 3
The next day. Mimi is in the kitchen.
She calls out to Iffy: Hey, Iffy, I was sneaking a Snickers bar from the Halloween candy I bought yesterday, and there’s something missing: the bag of…

Panel 4
Subpanel 1
Mimi goes into the den and finds Iffy sound asleep in his recliner. He is smiling, with a large bag of candy corn in his lap. The bag is nearly empty and random pieces of the candy are strewn across the front of his shirt.
Mimi is disgusted.

Subpanel 2
Closeup of Iffy’s head.
Mimi, off camera, yells: IFFY!!!
Iffy, eyes pop wide open, in shock.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson