Shades of Gray

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Iffy is behind Mimi. She is walking toward the door to leave the house.
He shrugs his shoulders and says: Mimi, I don’t have any black socks. They’ve all faded to various shades of gray. And I need black ones for my meeting tonight—to go with my black pants and shoes.
Without turning around, she says: Well, I’m off to the spa, so go buy yourself some new socks.

Panel 2
Later. Iffy and Mimi are face to face.
He says: I decided to dye my old socks. They were still good—except for the color.
Mimi is concerned. She says: Okay…
Iffy says: But now I have a problem.

Panel 3
Subpanel 1
Iffy and Mimi are both looking down.
Mimi says: Yeah, your socks are blacker than your pants.
Iffy says: I’m not wearing socks. I took them off.
Subpanel 2
Closeup of Iffy’s pants legs and feet. His pants are faded black. His feet are coal black, except for his toenails, which are dark gray.
He says: I did something wrong.

Panel 4
Iffy and Mimi are both looking at his feet.
Iffy frowns and says: And I tried them on before they were completely dry.
Mimi grins and says: Well, on the bright side, you can go sockless tonight, and have cool feet.
Iffy says: Thanks. I could not think of a bright side.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson