Same Page

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Iffy is heading for the door. Mimi is behind him.
Iffy says: I’m off to the market.
Mimi says: Get the ripe tomatoes.
Iffy says: The dark red ones.
Mimi says: Those are too ripe.

Panel 2:
Iffy has turned around to face Mimi. He wants to make sure he understands what to get at the market.
Iffy says: What about the greenish red?
Mimi says: Just walk on by.
Iffy says: You don’t want any of those?
Mimi says: Walk on. Buy the ripe ones.

Panel 3:
Iffy, frowning, says: But, you said you wanted the ripe ones.
Mimi says: Correct.
Iffy says: Then why did you just tell me walk on by them?
Mimi says: I said walk on by the greenish red ones.

Panel 4:
Iffy is facing forward. Mimi is at his side, looking at him.
Iffy is confused. He says: So, skip the ripe ones and buy the greenish red ones?
Mimi is smiling. She says: Stop! This is silly. I think we’re on the same page.
Iffy says: Really? I feel like we’re in different chapters!

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson