Safe and Fun

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Mimi and Iffy are sitting on the couch.
Iffy smiles and says: Halloween is coming up. Remember when you could trick-or-treat all over town?
Mimi smiles as she remembers. She says: Wear scary costumes.
Iffy says: Eat candy till you threw up. So fun!

Panel 2
Mimi and Iffy are facing each other.
Iffy is smiling and excited. He says: Let’s throw a party for the little neighborhood kids. It would be safe and fun!
Mimi frowns and says: Safe, sure. But not very fun. Kids will think we’re boring.
Iffy says: Not if we scare them: wear creepy old clothes, use weird makeup, and dye our hair some wild color.
Mimi tries to imagine it, and says: Hmm…

Panel 3
In Mimi’s imagination, she sees a closeup of Iffy. His hair and eyebrows are dyed dark red. His skin looks unnaturally pale, almost blue. His glasses lenses are dark and his eyes shine through like little flashlights. His smile is creepy.
He says: Welcome, kiddies, to our home…of rotten, stinky, dead bodies!

Panel 4
Mimi and Iffy are still sitting on the couch.
Mimi says: Uh, I don’t know, Iffy. It’s fine to scare them, but let's not scar them for life!

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson