Retired at Last

Retired at Last - Mimi & Iffy comic by Robert Burton Robinson

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Closeup on Iffy and Mimi, looking at each other.
Iffy says: I can’t believe I’m finally retired.
Mimi says: Yep.

Panel 2:
They are facing forward.
Iffy smiles and says: No meetings. No boss. I’m free!
Mimi says: Yes, you are.

Panel 3:
Later, Iffy is sitting in his recliner, holding his coffee mug.
He says: I’m just gonna sit back, relax, and do nothing.
Mimi, off camera, says: Go ahead.

Panel 4:
Five minutes later, Iffy hops up from his chair and says: I’m bored!
Mimi is behind him rolling her eyes.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson