Ready to Go

Ready to Go - Mimi & Iffy comic by Robert Burton Robinson

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Iffy is watching Mimi, who is sitting at her makeup table, putting on lipstick.
He says: Ready to go?
Mimi says: Not quite.

Panel 2:
Iffy keeps coming back in, trying to hurry up Mimi, saying things like:
We’re gonna be late.
We’re never gonna make it.
Ready now?
How about now?

Panel 3:
Mimi is still sitting at her makeup table.
She smiles at herself in the mirror and calls out to Iffy, who is off camera: I’m ready!

Panel 4:
Mimi finds Iffy in his recliner. He is sound asleep.
She says: Iffy, wake up! You’re gonna make us late!

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson