Pills - Mimi & Iffy comic by Robert Burton Robinson

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Iffy is sitting at the kitchen table, filling his weekly pill organizer with prescription medications.
He says: I hate pill day.
Mimi, off camera, says: It has to be done.

Panel 2:
Mimi and Iffy are face to face. Iffy is angry.
He says: We take too many pills. The drug companies pay the doctors to push this stuff. And it’s expensive.
Mimi says: You think the doc is prescribing medicine that we don’t need?

Panel 3:
Closeup on Iffy, who is red-faced with anger.
He says: How would we know? We just do what we’re told. Well, not anymore. I quit!
No more pills of any kind! I’m done!

Panel 4:
Closeup of Mimi.
She calls out to Iffy: Where are you going? You gave yourself a headache, didn’t you?
You need a pain reliever.
Iffy, off camera, says: No more pills!
Uh…starting tomorrow.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson