Office Visit

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Iffy gets home and walks in the door. He is behind Mimi.
He says: I’m home.
Without looking back at him, Mimi says: What did the doctor say about your back?

Panel 2:
Iffy says: Nothing.
Mimi, surprised, says: He just gave a prescription and sent you on your way?
Iffy says: Nope. No prescription.
Mimi says: Iffy? What happened?

Panel 3:
Iffy and Mimi are face to face. He is angry.
He says: I got the date wrong, okay? My appointment is tomorrow—not today. But I feel better now, so I’m just gonna cancel it!

Panel 4:
Iffy is walking away. Mimi is behind him, concerned.
She says: Really?
Iffy, though frustrated, admits: …no

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson