Missed Association

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Mimi and Iffy are sitting in the car. It is nighttime. They are both looking straight ahead. Iffy is in the driver’s seat.
Mimi is very upset. She says: Well, that was a disaster. We will never get invited back to anybody’s house ever again. I introduced you to Hugh Piper. What happened?

Panel 2:
Looking across the dashboard, out the windshield, from Mimi and Iffy’s point of view. The headlights are on. The car is now moving.
Iffy says: I’m terrible with names. You know that. So, I decided to try word association. I associated Hugh with huge, because he’s a big guy.

Panel 3:
Still looking out the windshield at the road.
Mimi says: And I suppose you associated Piper with diaper because they sound similar.
Iffy says: Exactly!
Mimi says: So, that gave you huge diaper.

Panel 4:
Mimi is glancing over at Iffy, frowning in disgust. Iffy is looking straight ahead, frowning. His eyes are wide open and his eyebrows are high.
Mimi says: Which would have been bad enough, but you introduced him to some other guests as—
Iffy says: Big Pooper.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson