Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Mimi and Iffy are sitting on the couch watching TV.
During a commercial, Iffy says: It happens to us all, Mimi. We get older and become invisible. Society no longer cares who we are or what we think. TV shows are made for the “key 18-54 demo” or whatever. Nobody cares what we like. We’re invisible.
Mimi rolls her eyes.

Panel 2
The next day, late afternoon.
Iffy comes into the house with his electric guitar and amplifier.
Mimi is upset. She says: Where have you been all afternoon? You didn’t answer my calls.
Iffy grins and says: I’m sorry. I was in town, giving a street concert. And, man, it felt great! I was visible!

Panel 3
Mimi and Iffy are face to face.
Iffy says: Then a cop told me to leave. Said I was disturbing the peace.
Mimi is appalled. She says: You’re lucky he didn’t arrest you.
Iffy is defiant. He says: No! I wanted him to!

Panel 4
Closeup of Mimi looking into the camera. Iffy is behind her.
With a smile and raised eyebrows, he holds up a hand and says: He should have cuffed me and hauled me off to jail. Can you picture it? Then I would have really been visible!
Mimi’s jaw drops and her eyebrows go up. She says: Yeah. To your cellmates!

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson