In Sync

Comic Transcript

Panel 1
Iffy walks into the house wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
He says: I’m done with the yard, Mimi.
Mimi smiles and says: I love it when it’s fresh.
He says: Me too. But the adjacent yards ruin the look. John’s grass is too high, and Phil’s is even higher.
Mimi says: Too bad the three of you can’t get in sync.

Panel 2
Three weeks later.
Iffy comes home from a meeting.
He smiles and says: Your syncing idea was great, Mimi! Once John and Phil agreed to it, the word spread throughout the entire neighborhood! Tomorrow morning we will all do our yards at the exact same time!
Mimi smiles and says: That’s amazing!

Panel 3
Iffy comes into the house after mowing and trimming the yard.
He’s beaming with pride.
Mimi is in the room, but off camera.
He says: We just made history! Every yard in the neighborhood was mowed and trimmed all at once! All neighborhood should get in sync!
Why aren’t you excited? It was your idea.

Panel 4
Iffy walks up behind Mimi, who is mortified.
She says: I just heard on the radio that people from across town are calling in about a “horrific buzzing noise.” One woman was convinced it was an alien spaceship.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson