Iffy's Big Surprise

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Iffy is in the garage, sitting in his old worn-out recliner with a bowl of potato chips in his lap and a beverage mug in his hand.
He thinks: Today’s my birthday! So, I’m gonna eat junk food until I barf and watch TV until I pass out. Today, I’m the king of the castle, so I can do whatever I want!
Mimi, from off camera, says: Iffy, what are you doing out here in the garage?

Panel 2
Mimi in standing in the doorway from the house, looking into the garage at Iffy, who is sitting in his chair.
She says: Would you please help me with something?
He thinks: Help her with something. Right. I’ll try to act surprised.
He says: Coming, Honey.

Panel 3
Closeup of Iffy inside the house, standing with his hands in the air, grinning.
He shouts: Wow! What a surprise! You’ve really done it this time Mimi! I didn’t know I had so many friends!
In a softer voice, he says to Mimi: But where are my buddies?  I don’t see any men at all.

Panel 4
Subpanel 1
The room is filled with women. Pink and yellow wrapped gifts are everywhere.

Subpanel 2
Mimi is standing behind Iffy, feeling bad for him.
She says: It’s a baby shower.
Iffy is embarrassed. He says: Oh.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson