Goodnight Checklist

Goodnight Checklist - Mimi & Iffy comic by Robert Burton Robinson

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Mimi & Iffy are lying in bed. They are wearing their glasses.
Iffy says: Goodnight, honey. Sleep well.
Mimi says: Oops. We forgot to take off our glasses.

Panel 2:
Mimi and Iffy have removed their glasses and the lights are off. The room is completely black. All you can see is their open eyes, displayed as white ovals.
Mimi says: Love you, Iffy.
Iffy says: Love you too, Mimi.

Panel 3:
The room is still black. Mimi’s eyes are open. Iffy’s are closed.
Mimi says: Did you remember to take the garbage can out to the street?
Iffy says: Yes.
Mimi says: And the recycling?
Iffy says: Yep.

Panel 4:
The room is still black. Mimi’s eyes are closed.
Mimi says: And I’m sure you remembered to close the garage door this time.
Iffy’s eyes pop wide open.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson