Good Old Days

Good Old Days - Mimi & Iffy comic by Robert Burton Robinson

Comic Transcript

Panel 1:
Iffy has fallen asleep in his chair again.
Mimi walks up to him and says: Iffy, you’ve got to find something to do with your time. You can’t just sit around dozing all day.
Iffy is dreaming of his old rock band from high school.

Panel 2:
Iffy wakes up and says: Maybe I could get the old band back together. We were so cool.

Panel 3:
Mimi says: Hey, I found an old picture of you guys on Facebook.
Mimi shows him the picture on her phone.

Panel 4:
When Iffy sees the picture, his heart drops.
He says: Oh, man, we were just ridiculous nerds. Probably had more pimples than fans.
Mimi says: Sometimes a photo just doesn’t capture the excitement of the moment.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson