Expiration Dates

Comic Transcript

Panel 1
Mimi and Iffy are in the kitchen.
Iffy is in the foreground, holding up a can of soup.
Mimi is several feet away, watching him.
Iffy frowns and says: Mimi, a lot of this soup from the pantry has expired dates.
She sighs and says: I’m not surprised.
He says: Gee, this is my favorite soup.

Panel 2
Subpanel 1
Iffy studies the can of mushroom soup, smiles and says: I’m just glad that people don’t have expiration dates.
Subpanel 2
Iffy imagines his face being on the label of the soup can. His smile disappears. He says: …As far as we know.

Panel 3
Iffy drops can of mushroom soup into the trash.

Panel 4
Iffy is facing forward. Mimi is standing behind him.
Iffy wrenches his face and says: What would you do with me if I passed my expiration date?
Mimi laughs and says: I guess I’d just toss you in the trash.
Iffy says: I knew it!

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson