Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Iffy is sitting at the computer. Mimi walks up behind him.
He says: Buying online is so easy these days, Mimi. I love it!
She says: I see you’re ordering vitamins. But, what are you doing in the left window? We can’t afford a new car. Just order the pills. I need your help in the kitchen.
He says: Coming.

Panel 2
Subpanel 1
That night, Mimi and Iffy are sitting on the couch watching TV when the doorbell rings.
Mimi glances over at Iffy, and says: Who could that be?
Subpanel 2
The electric power goes out. They are no sitting in the dark.
Mimi says: Did you pay the electric bill?
Iffy says: It’s automatically drafted from our bank account!
Mimi says: Better answer the door.

Panel 3
Mimi and Iffy open the front door.
The man standing there says: Delivering your new car, Sir!
Mimi and Iffy are shocked.
Mimi says: What???

Panel 4
Mimi is angry, looking at her cell phone.
She says: I got a text. It’s the electric company. “Your service is suspended due to zero funds in your bank account.”
Iffy sighs, and says: I must have clicked the buy button for the car instead of for the pills.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson