Cat Burglar 3

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Iffy drives to Suzie Furman’s house with Mimi. He pulls up to the house, parks, and kills the engine.
He says: Well, here we are.
Mimi says: This is crazy.
He says: I know. Could be dangerous. Maybe you should wait here in the car.

Panel 2
Mimi says: It’s a silly case of a missing cat.
Iffy says: A stolen cat. And it’s not silly. The cat is very special to this woman.

Panel 3
Mimi says: You’re afraid I’m gonna spoil your Mr. Cool Detective fantasy.
Iffy says: It’s not that.
Mimi says: Then I’m going in with you.

Panel 4
Iffy says: Okay, fine. But, just stay back, out of view for a few seconds when she comes to the door, so I can assess the situation and make sure it’s safe for you.
Mimi rolls her eyes.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson