Cat Burglar 2

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Mimi is facing the camera. Iffy is behind her, wearing his trench coat.
She says: So, this woman wants you to find her cat. Hmm. Should I be jealous? How old is she?
He says: Is it so hard to believe that a woman could want me for my investigative skills?

Panel 2
Mimi is perturbed.
She says: I’m going with you.
Iffy smiles and says: I figured you say that, so I got you something.

Panel 3
Five minutes later.
Mimi is wearing the trench coat that Iffy bought for her.
She says: Thanks. I look great. But we’re not wearing these. It’s 80 degrees outside!
Iffy says: It’s just as well, I guess. We don’t want our prey to see us coming.

Panel 4
Mimi is facing the camera, rolling her eyes.
Iffy is standing at her side, glaring at her.
She says: Our prey??
He says: The dangerous criminal who stole the cat.
She says: Maybe some kid took it.
He says: Please do not attempt to diminish the gravity of my case!

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson