Cat Burglar 1

Comic Transcription

Panel 1
Iffy is facing forward, behind a computer monitor, visible only from the eyes up. Mimi walks up behind him.
She is amused. She says: Why are you wearing that outfit?
Without looking away from the monitor, Iffy says: I’m bored. So, I’m going back to work.

Panel 2
Mimi and Iffy are both offscreen.
Closeup on the computer screen. The website splash screen displays the logo for “Iffy Investigations.”
Mimi says: As a private investigator??? You’re not licensed or  trained for that!

Panel 3
Closeup on Mimi. She is dubious.
She says: And it’s too dangerous. Besides, who would want to hire you?
Iffy, off camera, says: I’ve already got a case.
Mimi is shocked. She says: What?!?
Iffy says: I’m meeting a woman about it tonight.

Panel 4
Mimi is facing forward. Iffy is standing behind her, wearing a black trench coat.
He says: Somebody stole her cat.
Mimi is relieved and slightly amused. She says: Oh.

© 2020 Robert Burton Robinson